A new playroom for the Children’s Clinical University Hospital

November 21, 2016

The walk-in clinic of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital now has a new playroom. The project was implemented thanks to the initiative of the Baltikums charitable foundation.

Every year thousands of children visit the walk-in clinic of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. Last year, the clinic offered its services to 200 thousand children, or about 800 patients a day. For many children, the premises of the walk-in clinic are often the very first experience in a hospital; therefore, our aim was to create a friendly environment and ease kids’ anxiety when visiting the doctor’s office. Thanks to the initiative of Baltikums Foundation, the project was successfully implemented resulting in the creation of a spacious game room for children of different age groups.

It is the second time when a kids’ playroom is installed in the Children’s Hospital with the support of Baltikums Foundation. Earlier, it helped to equip an activity room for kids in the Oncology Department.

“We are pleased to be able to help and support the Children’s Clinical Hospital by implementing this second project together. We are immensely happy to see joyful kids playing in the new room before visiting the doctor”, says Ingrīda Šmite, Member of the Board of Baltikums Foundation.

Head of the Children’s Hospital Fund, Liene Dambiņa, comments on behalf of all the staff of the Children’s Hospital: 

“It is very rarely that kids go to the hospital with joy, so it is very important that they feel our care from the first minute they are here. We are very grateful for the arrangement of the activity room and aspiration to bring joy to children with such a beautiful and valuable gift.”