1. Donation

A donation is financial resources that a person (donor) transfers without compensation to the public benefit organization BeOpen, hereinafter referred to as BeOpen, to achieve the goals specified in its Articles of Association, and is subject to the application of tax incentives.

2. The purpose of the donation

2.1. When making a payment, the donor may specify a particular donation purpose, which shall mean that the donation will be used for the specified project and in the amount that is specified in the payment individually by the donor at their own discretion.

2.2. If the donor does not indicate a specific project in the payment purpose, the donation will be considered a general donation and will be used for the purposes specified in the Articles of Association.

3. The use of the donation

3.1. The donated funds will be spent on the project to achieve the objectives for which they are donated. BeOpen shall ensure that the donated funds are used for the purposes that were presented to donors during the fundraising of the project through their publication on the BeOpen website, and in accordance with the Articles of Association.

3.2. If, as a result of events beyond the control of BeOpen, it is not possible to use the donated funds for the project, in favour of which the donations were transferred, BeOpen shall:

3.2.1. at the donor’s request, return the donated funds to the donor in the same amount and manner in which they were donated;

3.2.2. if the donor does not request to return the donation within 30 (thirty) days after publication of the relevant notice on the BeOpen website, reserve the right to direct the unused funds to the general donation, with the further aim to use those for other projects in accordance with the purposes specified in the Articles of Association.

4. Cancellation of donations

The donations made cannot be cancelled or returned, except for the cases specified in Clause 3.2.

5. Amendments to the Donations Transfer and Use Regulations

BeOpen is entitled to make changes to the Donations Transfer and Use Regulations. The changes will be published on the BeOpen website.