To whom and how we have helped in 2020

January 22, 2021

2020 was complicated in every way. Due to the pandemic, work in many industries literally stopped; therefore, many people were left without regular income. Also travelling was very limited, and surgeries and treatment courses abroad were postponed for an indefinite period. Two times Latvia declared the state of emergency, which was the reason of limitations of gathering and any additional contacts. Therefore, everyday rehabilitation sessions were reduced as much as possible. However, pleas for help did not stop…

So, we kept addressing society and everyone who could spare some part of their income to support the ones who cannot manage without support. We are grateful for every donation regardless of whether it was a phone call worth 1.42 euros, or a wire transfer to the charity foundation BeOpen’s account in the amount of 5, 10, 20, 100 euros or more. All together it was of great support and allowed us to help several dozen children with special needs and also several adults with severe diagnoses.

During 2020, there were 63,225 phone calls made to 9000 6384, and more than 386,000 euros were donated to our account. Thanks to the open hearts of out donors and friends we have helped children with severe diagnoses: autism, Down syndrome, movement and mental disorders, eye disorders, and also babies who receive palliative care. Besides, we have helped several oncology patients.

In Latvia, the therapy methods used in children with diagnoses such as autism, Down syndrome, and general mental disorders have become more innovative and efficient. For laymen, it is often difficult to understand the potential positive effect of these sessions; therefore, we thank our donors for their trust. It is also the reason why we share the information that parents of children with special needs have frankly entrusted.

Having more contact with children in palliative care, we see how important it is to support their parents and to ease this care as much as possible.

We have to note that fundings which our heroes of the programme “The Green Lamp” receive is not just financial support to improve their health and quality of life. It also provides significant emotional support to the parents who care of their special children 24/7/365. Many mothers were in despair and depression before contacting the fund, their future seemed hopeless, there was no one to ask for help, and they did not believe that anything could be changed. After the programme they saw how many unknown people have helped and started to feel that they were not alone in their misfortune. It gave them power to keep going.

We truly hope that in the coming years our state will find funds in the budget to support children with autism, to provide more and more compensation opportunities for oncology and immunotherapy, and to provide state-of-the-art aids for children in palliative care. While this has not happened, we cannot manage without societal support. Thanks to every kind person who has found a possibility to provide support!