Our accomplishments in 2017

March 29, 2018

Last year, thanks to the growing trust and responsiveness, the Foundation together with its supporters raised EUR 251,165 within various charitable projects, and provided help and support to a significant number of both direct (97) and indirect (over 25,590) donees.

One of the most notable and significant projects started in 2016 and completed in summer 2017 was the “Tree Alley on Lucavsala”. It is an exploratory leisure area on the Lucavsala island not far from the capital city centre and aims to promote outdoor recreation opportunities for families with kids.

In 2017, in order to promote self-reliance and participation in society and daily life for people with disabilities, the Foundation supported three camps for children and young people with special needs. During winter, spring and summer holidays, camps were organized to develop leadership and integration skills for the blind, visually impaired, as well as for children and youngsters with disabilities.

Continuing cooperation with the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, a significant amount of funds was directed to purchasing special food for young patients who due to severe disease or congenital health problems require special expensive diet.

With the aim to draw attention of the society and public institutions to the great importance of canine-assisted therapy for strengthening mental and physical health of children with special needs, the BlueOrange charitable foundation took on the responsibility of caring for five children within the program “A Friend for a Special Child”. This program involves cynologists – dog-assisted therapy specialists who within one and a half year trained 4 dogs-assistants and 1 assistant guide dog for a boy with visual impairments. Special training is aimed to train a dog to help perform specific operations, becoming an assistant and support for families who are raising children with special needs.

In 2017, support was provided to the Orthodox Church of the Lady of Kazan Icon in Jūrmala, Dzintari, and other organizations that contribute to charity and consider helping others as their highest mission. Furthermore, all together we helped several persons who got into trouble under emergency circumstances.

The foundation is planning to continue to support socially significant programs and to implement projects in accordance with its defined goals and objectives.

On 28 March 2018, the independent auditor concluded that the Foundation’s report on the financial performance and cash flows for the period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 contains accurate information, and that the annual report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet Regulations No. 808 dated 3 October 2016.