Butterfly summer camp for special children and their families

June 30, 2019

A camp for families of special children “Butterfly Summer 2019” was held in the Skulte manor from 18 to 21 June, organised by the charity organisation “Palīdzēsim.LV” with the financial support of “BeOpen” charity fund. It is the only camp in Latvia for the whole family where children with special needs grow.

“The camp takes place for the fourth time. For children, this camp means both intensive rehabilitation and a huge event, which they await for even more than Christmas. For mothers who cannot for a moment leave their special children without supervision and help, these four days give a relaxing moment, gaining new experience, emotion, and friendly support. “It's a handful of happiness and warm-heartedness that stays in our memory for a long time,” speaking about the great importance of the camp notes Ingrīda Šmite, the Board member of the charity BeOpen.

Sixty participants were invited to the camp — special children, their parents, as well as teenagers from children houses. In order for the families of special children to enjoy these four memorable days, each year volunteers participate in the project, including field specialists who present courses, lessons and seminars, and assistants who look after children, assist them in classes, and provide mothers with physical support.

“By its very nature, this camp is not a recreation and entertainment for parents and children, but a life school in a very concentrated form. Each step of the camp agenda is considered and dedicated to the development of specific skills. Unfortunately, the state is unwilling to invest money and efforts in the rehabilitation and training of special children. Often, officials try to persuade parents to transfer such children to specialized boarding schools. This is a camp for mothers who don't give up, and for those who take children from children homes into their families,” adds Ilze Skuja, the head of “Palīdzēsim.LV”.

Families actively engaging in creative, athletic, educational and emotionally saturated activities spent four sunlit days. These were very valuable and important days for all children and their parents.