We help to fulfil the dreams of children with special needs

November 20, 2019

Each child has their own dreams. The most diverse. And most often these dreams are fulfilled by their parents. However, the children who suffer from a severe disease have completely different dreams, and not always these are easy to fulfil.

In 2019, BeOpen carried out the charity programme “Let’s fulfil the dreams of special children”. Its aim was to help children who experience pain, grief and dolorous experiences on everyday basis to create positive emotions, grow and develop, and to become more independent and self-confident.

The first participants of the programme were four children with movement disorders from Riga and Valmiera – they received a specific tricycle, which allowed feeling as healthy as their peers, while also contributing in their rehabilitation.

The tricycles have special feet mountings and back support. Additionally, the vehicle has electric drive to keep moving when one’s legs are tired of pedaling.

The second group of the participants consisted of three amazing girls in age when they dream of wearing beautiful dresses and jewelry for celebrations. However, their everyday is a wheelchair often accompanied by abstention and fear of being expelled by their peers.

Within the project the three girls – Elīna from Salacgrīva, Diāna from Riga, and Jekaterina from Ogre – received an amazing gift: a theoretical and practical masterclass. They received not only new knowledge, but also belief in themselves and awareness that a wheelchair and movement disorders do not limit development of feminine beauty and a colorful, interesting personality.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the journal IEVA – in addition to the masterclass, the girls also participated in a photo shooting, talked about their talents, determination, perseverance, and also about painful moments. These conversations and photos were published in the journal IEVA on the 20th November.

Read more and check some photos here.

Let us share our joy and fulfill the small and big dreams of these children also further!