Charity concert in the St. Jacob’s Cathedral of Riga on the 5th December

November 22, 2019

The charity foundation BeOpen and Riga Catholic Gymnasium organises a charity concert “My Song to You” that will take place on the 5th December at 7 PM in the St. Jacob’s Cathedral of Riga.

Health is a gift of God from the cradle. Unfortunately, many have not received it. However, there is always a hope to be heard, listened to. A hope to receive fellow understanding and support. Therefore, we address everyone with an open heart – those who are ready to put their everyday life aside and to join hands if there is anyone in need of help.

There are several students with movement disorders currently studying in Riga Catholic Gymnasium. There is also a teacher with a movement disorder. Riga Catholic Gymnasium is a small school where the atmosphere is friendly and family-like. It is well suited for children with special needs.

The school is ready to admit more students, even with movement disorders. To ensure the study process to the students and teachers with special needs, the school requires a new elevator instead of the old, soviet one.

The charity concert on the 5th of December will start the donation collection for this particular purpose.

Before the concert, a Holy Mass will take place at 6 PM, and it will be led by archbishop Z. Stankevičs.

We are grateful to everyone who will understand this necessity of the school and will readily support the project, which many parents of the special needs children await.