Specialised wheels providing freedom of movement

May 30, 2019

The beginning of summer was particularly happy for four participants of our “Let’s help to fulfil dreams of special children” programme — children with disabilities from Riga and Valmiera. They received their much-desired special tricycle, which gives them new opportunities to feel as equal as their healthy peers, easily and quickly overcoming long distances and getting the feeling of freedom of movement so much coveted! Roberts, Tomass, Rūta and Jana now have many new positive feelings, besides the possibility of spending more time in the air, being active with their families and friends. Bicycling also plays an important role in rehabilitation.

These bikes are equipped with special attachments for feet and with back support. In addition, the bikes are equipped with an electric drive so that the movement forward can be continued even when the legs are tired pedalling. These specially equipped bicycles are manufactured by Latvian social entrepreneurship company Hopp, which adapts them individually for the needs of each child.

We would like to thank all the donors who contributed to the purchase of these tricycles, creating so much fun and satisfaction!