Creating a new leisure area for families with children on Lucavsala

In order to support creation of new outdoor leisure areas for families with children and an idea of making more places close to nature in the urban space, Baltikums Foundation is implementing a charity gift project – creation of a leisure area on Lucavsala.

Works are planned in two stages. At the end of September, 15 adult trees of various species (2-5 metres tall) were planted in a selected location on Lucavsala. In spring three original designer benches will be installed in the shade, bushes blossoming around them. This make an aesthetically attractive and interesting leisure area on the banks of Daugava.

A yezo spruce, a red horse chestnut, an apple tree, a champion oak, a plum and other trees will make a nice and varied view while fulfilling an educational function – there will be signs with the name of each tree.

The trees were grown in the “Ķikši” nursery garden. The author of four-metre benches is young designer Artūrs Immermanis, who has already started working on them using an eco-friendly and robust wood processing technology.

The improvement of the leisure area is planned to be complete in summer 2017.