Children’s creative cognitive development

An unusual science centre for kids “Tehnoannas pagrabi” is one of the smallest science centres in the world. It has been operating for more than 20 years and stands out with its special atmosphere and original exhibits. The purpose of the exhibition, which combines art, science and the world of toys, is to awaken the creative spirit of knowledge in every little visitor.

Unlike many well-known science centres such as AHHAA in Tartu, most of the exhibits found at the “Tehnoannas pagrabi” are hand-made by Alvis Balodis and his creative team. They also provide their own educational tour for children, which makes this place unique, interesting and exciting.

To keep the enthusiasm of curious children that helps them grow into creative, thinking people, and to promote the development of this educational centre, BlueOrange Charity has provided financial assistance to the organisation supporting the Centre of Creative Learning ANNAS 2, which will be used for promotion and further development of the work performed by ANNAS 2 inspiring children’s interest in education.