The Inconvenient Children

“The Inconvenient Children” is an expanded and socially responsible photography project, during which the photographer, Arita Strode-Kļaviņa, took pictures of 15 families of children with special needs. They have various diagnoses: cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, spina bifida, mental illnesses and extremely rare genetic disorders.

The aim of the photographer was to show that children with special needs are as wonderful and beautiful as typical children. Therefore, “The Inconvenient Children” emphasizes individuality, not disability, showing firstly the kid and only then his or her diagnosis. For that reason, in the photos, there are no wheelchairs or any other mobility aids, which are an important part of their lives.

Arita Strode-Kļaviņa has helped the society to notice these fragile children, and every single person can give them support that they need. Rehabilitations, procedures, therapies—this is what they experience from day to day so that the dream of being as independent as possible can become real.

“Everyone can support these special kids and their strong parents. We can help children who has severe illnesses and who will always be our special children to develop, grow and walk. Together we can ease and improve the quality of their everyday life, and open up new opportunities,” says the board member of BeOpen Charity Foundation, Ingrīda Šmite

In the next two years, the pictures of “The Inconvenient Children” will be exhibited in many cities of Latvia. We hope that these photos will help the society to open their minds and become more understanding and humane.

Learn more and read the children’s stories on the photographer’s page (in Latvian).

If the stories resonate in your heart and you want to open it and support any of these special children in Riga, Jelgava, Tukums, or Gulbene, you can donate to the BeOpen donation account. Do not forget to specify the donation purpose, writing the name of the child you want to help: Annija, Aleksandrs, Dominiks, Elīza, Jēkabs, Kate, Līga Pārsla, Marta, Madars, Miķelis, Ragnārs, or Rūta.

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When donating, please, specify the project and write the name of the child you want to support.

Together we can accomplish a lot and help more!