Life button

 “Life button” is a way to help low-income seniors or lonely people with reduced mobility. In an emergency situation, e.g., after a fall or suddenly experiencing an attack of an illness, a person can neither stand up independently, nor call the ambulance, relatives, or neighbours. If the misfortune surprises the person outside their home, the consequences can be very sad and even tragic. In such situations, a special device called “Life button” ensures a continuous connection with emergency services. Often, lonely people with disabilities cannot afford it, but the state does not fund the mobile button (programme “The Active”). Therefore, support of people around is the only hope for many.

The operation principle of the “Life button” is very simple: the senior has to press the SOS button, which is available as a bracelet or a pendant. If one has lost their mobile phone or it cannot be reached after a fall, the button is always there. Besides, there is no need to unlock the screen or dial a number—pressing the button is enough. There are several phone numbers of the person’s relatives in the system, and the operator contacts them in the case of emergency. If the persons listed do not answer, the signal is forwarded to a call centre, where the problem is then solved. “Life button” also works as a bidirectional communication channel—after receiving the SOS signal, the relatives can call the person and talk to them until the arrival of the emergency service. 

During the connection, the operator receives information about the person: diagnosis, address, description of their health, allergies to drugs, relatives’ phone numbers, and information where to get the keys of the person’s apartment. Depending on the situation, the operator calls an ambulance or a rescue service. Sometimes it is enough to call the relatives and to control the situation until it is solved.

“Life button” allows to precisely determine person’s location. Usually, elderly people do not use smartphones with a geolocation feature; therefore, it might be difficult to find a person who has left their home.

How much does it cost?

The price of the device (the mobile terminal “Active”) – 69 EUR, yearly subscription – 144 EUR, which makes total cost of 213 EUR for a person per one year.

Last year, thanks to our donors, the charity foundation BeOpen ensured the service for 25 persons (total expenses were 4925 euros) in Daugavpils, Jūrmala, Riga. In 2022, eight of them need the “Life button” subscription. It means that 1152 euros are needed. In case the donations exceed the mentioned sum, we will be able to help other lonely low-income seniors with movement restrictions who do not have other support.

We will be grateful for each donation:

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The “Life button” has two modes of operation—“Home” (only at home) and “Active” (at home and outside). Riga municipality covers the cost of the “Safety button” subscription at home. Here you can read more about the service in Riga.