A festivity for children from socially vulnerable groups

January 04, 2019

On 3 January, the charity organisation “Palīdzēsim.lv”, in close cooperation with the “BeOpen” foundation, organised a festivity, hosted in culture centre „Ziemeļblāzma”, for children from socially vulnerable groups and their families from the all over Latvia.

The event was attended by large families from Kuldiga, large and foster families from Riga, Kekava, Bauska, Jelgava and Madona county, families with children with special needs, children from the children's home “Imanta”, as well as young people from the care centres “Ezerkrasti” and “Teika”.

At the festivity, nearly 200 children and their families experienced all sorts of miracles and enjoyed a day rich in lovely surprises. The event was opened with a dazzling light-and-sand winter story of sand cinema “Smilšu kino”, creating a real sense of celebration. Inspired by what they saw, the children participated in creative workshops, where hard-working gnomes helped them to create sand animations, folded hand symbols, snowmen, head adornments, and New Year's symbol — piggy, as well as glitter tattoos.

Musical performances of the band's “Carnelian” soloist Signija Taraenko and the musician Reinis Rekis brightened the day even more. Meanwhile, Kaspars Bruvelis from the alliance of free artists “Grown-up Kids” surprised both the little and the big ones with a wonderful show of experiments that blasted the event in the direct sense of the word, and, let alone the self-made ice cream — the party was for all 100!

Nevertheless, the surprises did not end — there were games and songs, along with fairy tales from the “Jogitas pasākumi”, and of course, as always — with Santa Claus and gifts!

Throughout the event, the photo booth “Birdie Box.lv” was available, in which everyone could identify with some funny image and add some great photographs to their photo album.

This festivity is one of the year's most anticipated events, a festival not only for children but also for parents who can take some rest in taking care for their special child.

We are grateful to all the partners and friends who made this day so special!

Let us all have a wonderful year 2019!