Let’s help fulfil the dreams of special children

Join us and let’s do good deeds together!

Every child has dreams. Lots of dreams. Most often, parents make those dreams come true. However, special children with serious illnesses may have entirely different dreams that are not always as easy to accomplish.

BeOpen launches a new charity program – “Let’s help fulfil the dreams of special children”. Its task is to give positive emotions, help grow and develop, help children whose daily life is full of pain, sadness, and emotional stress become more independent and self-confident.

First participants of the program – four children with movement disorders from Riga and Valmiera, and a six-year-old girl with Down syndrome. They all dream about their own special tricycle (pictured above), which will facilitate their rehabilitation and give them the opportunity to feel just as equal as the healthy peers. They will experience positive emotions from the joy of riding, spending more time in the fresh air, being active together with their family and friends.

The bikes have special fasteners to support the feet and the back, and are also equipped with electric drive so that the kids can continue to move forward even when their legs get tired of pedalling. These special bikes are manufactured by a Latvian social enterprise, which also makes all the necessary adjustments for each child individually. Depending on the equipment and needs of a child, one such bike costs from 900 to 1500 EUR.

The second group of program participants includes five fantastic girls in their sensitive time full of dreams about beautiful dresses, stylish outfits and fashion trends. But these girls spend their everyday life in a wheelchair, which often comes with a sense of isolation and fear of being misunderstood and rejected by their peers. So, together we can present these three special girls with miraculous beauty makeovers and masterclass sessions.

Let’s succeed in sharing our joy of living with these children and fulfil their big dreams!