For children with movement disorders

We help grow and walk

BeOpen Charity Foundation has launched a new charity program “For Children with Movement Disorders”. Its aim is to reduce pain, improve mobility, help children who have serious illnesses, and who will always be our special children, to grow and walk. Together we can ease and improve the quality of their everyday life, and open up new opportunities.

Meet our first friends in the program: ten-year-old Rūta and twelve-year-old Tomass from Riga.

Rūta is 10 years old. The girl was born preterm with brain damage. Doctors were giving poor prognosis, but thanks to all the hard work, Rūta now can walk with support, she is in the 2nd grade of the Riga Christian Secondary School, she can speak English and learns Spanish. She started to play wheelchair tennis in Jūrmala and dreams of living in the countryside.

Rūta’s everyday life is about rehabilitation and exercises, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and equine-assisted activities. The girl and her family have much work to do in order to maintain progress and learn to be independent as much as possible in her daily life (getting dressed, maintaining hygiene, eating, moving around). Rūta may walk only using orthoses, which require regular adjustment or changing to new ones as the girl grows. Walking with orthoses make her feel a lot more stable and safer. Rūta uses custom-made orthoses from the orthopaedic clinic “Dynamics Competence Center” located in Germany, where the girl has to travel very soon.

The airplane tickets will be provided by AirBaltic in cooperation with the Latvian Children’s Fund, while we can help facilitate Rūta’s stay in Germany and get her the new orthoses that cost EUR 1,950.

Learn more about Rūta and her family by watching this heartfelt video.

Tomass is a sincere and inquisitive boy who likes animals and books. It was his drawing “My Christmas Dream” that was chosen for BlueOrange season’s greetings to the bank’s clients.

Tomass can make a few hundred steps on his own, but he needs a wheelchair to cover a bigger distance. To help Tomass feel safer and more confident, to ever increase the number of steps he makes on his own, he requires a special custom-made SPIO vest-corset. SPIO vests have specially embedded fibres to support muscles and joints, thus helping keep the body upright. Since Tomass has a very mobile spine, this SPIO vest will help correct his gait, hold his spine in a correct position, reduce scoliosis and back pain. Its approximate cost is EUR 4 000. The vest will also be made in the German orthopaedic clinic, where Tomass will go at the end of summer, after he will have recovered from another surgery.

We invite all who want to join us in helping Rūta and Tomass to donate to the project “For Children with Movement Disorders.”

On the photo: Tomass with his mom visiting BlueOrange Bank and is proud of his drawing.