For children with movement disorders

Help to grow and walk

BeOpen Charity Foundation continues the charity program “For Children with Movement Disorders.” Its aim is to reduce pain, improve mobility, and help children who have serious illnesses, and who will always be our special children, to grow and walk. Together we can ease and improve the quality of their everyday life, and open up new opportunities.

Previosly, we helped Rūta and Tomass and a number of other children. E.g., with the support of the fund, Rūta received new orthoses from the orthopaedic clinic “Dynamics Competence Center” (Germany)—now she feels safer and more stable.

Learn more about Rūta and her family by watching this heartfelt video (in Latvian).

Tomass received support for a surgery which was performed by German doctors in Estonia. After the surgery, Tomass experienced a significant improvement which allowed to continue treatment and develop his mobility allowing to longer distances.

However, more and more parents of children with movement disorders have asked for help—they need support to improve children’s health.

We invite all who want to join us in helping these special children to donate to the project “For Children with Movement Disorders.”