Special food helps to survive little Emīlija, Jānis and other children

There are several dozens of children in Latvia that have to consume special food in their diet because of complicated health disorders. As it grows and develops, a child’s body starts to absorb other foods too, but special nutrition is essential during the first few years of their life; their survival depends on it.

Unfortunately, special food is relatively expensive. Depending on age and tolerance for regular food, it can cost 400-600 EUR a month. It adds up to 5000–7000 EUR a year, which is an unsustainable amount for an average family in Latvia.

Among these special children is prematurely-born Emīlija. The girl was born in August 2016 in Riga, the long-awaited third child in her family.

Just before Midsummer, Jānis was born to a family in Rēzekne – also a treasure with his four year old sister waiting for him a long time. Unfortunately, Jānis had a number of health complications that have required a difficult surgery in Finland.

Together we can help these children live and grow by supplying their families with special nutrition for the next 12 long months. All the donated funds were used to purchase special nutrition for young patients of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital in 2017 and 2018.

The amount donated: 11,295 EUR. Project completed!