Winter holiday event for Latvian children with motor skill impairments

For over 150 children and teens with disabilities from every corner of Latvia in the Association for Latvian Children with Motor Impairments, the first week of January culminated with a Christmas event at the Railway Museum in Riga, which included a concert and a variety of creative workshops. The organisers also invited children from state social care centres “Baldone”, “Pļavnieki”, “Rīga” and “Teika” – for an attendance of almost 400.

During the festive event, attendees participated in creative workshops guided by Christmas elves, crafting greeting cards, decorations, and glazed gingerbreads. After the workshops, the children and teens enjoyed a musical performance called “Brīnumskapis” (Wardrobe of Wonders). Characters from various fairy tales and Dr.Clowns livened up the activities as well. The location also hosted a themed exhibition called “My Christmas Dream” with more than 200 drawings created by members of the Association for Latvian Children with Motor Impairments.

“The holiday cheer is essential for everyone, but some people can’t just go to any public gathering. Some locations are not accessible to mobility-impaired children, and not every family can afford to attend any event it may like. We have a lot of children among us whose mobility difficulties are exacerbated by more severe mental health diagnoses, and their parents often avoid any public activities for this reason. It is emotionally easier for them to gather with other people like them,” recounts Ilze Kenne, chairwoman of the board at the Association for Latvian Children with Motor Impairments. “This is why we try to organise festivities on our own each year. This time around, thanks to enormous support of the charity foundation, we have been able to make them more beautiful and on a larger scale – inviting 20 special children from several orphanages in Latvia as well.”